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The Nadia Group

The Nadia Group has achieved success through the diversity of its activities, generating a variety of added value and acting as a “crisis shock absorber”.
What began as the Nadia company, a vehicle registration plate manufacturer established in 1962, eventually grew into the Nadia Group which has diversified its activities and developed into a multidisciplinary industrial group structured around six business lines.
With a unique blend, the Nadia Group is specialised in multiple activities, powered by the know-how of its experienced employees working in the field and with customers. These employees are experts in manufacturing and always looking to innovate.

The Group’s companies design and manufacture products in a fully integrated manner. The Research and Development Department guarantees outstanding innovation and responsiveness.
With a strong focus on exports, some companies generate up to 80% of their turnover from sales abroad.
All of them are undisputed leaders in their respective markets and convey an image of quality and flawless service through their original and high-performance products.


  • Product quality guaranteed: Our products are made in France, guaranteeing their safety and quality, and are above all designed to last.
  • Customer service: The Group strives to constantly improve its customer service by prioritising deadlines, after-sales service quality and consulting.


  • The Nadia Group and its research and development departments are committed to continuous innovation and development as well as integrated product design and manufacturing.
  • The diversity of its skills and know-how is key to exploring new concepts.


Each company in the Nadia Group has a CSR policy detailing its environmental responsibilities, from where it gets its supplies to
waste management. This includes:

  • prioritising local sourcing;
  • going paperless and reducing waste;
  • ecodesigning; and
  • waste sorting, recycling and recovery.


By developing the quality of life at work and the skills of its employees, the Nadia Group invests in the health,
retention and performance of its employees.


With its finger on the pulse of the world, the Nadia Group is constantly innovating in order to offer new concepts and products that stand out from the competition in international markets.
Rooted in a culture of French design and manufacturing, the Nadia Group is committed to a CSR policy with its suppliers, employees and customers with the primary objective of respecting people and the environment.

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