Construction and sale of river boats since 1986

• Made in France •



It all started with a list of ideas: inspired by informed comments from our customers, who are after all the primary users of Nicols boats, we make use of all suggestions which might help us to improve the onboard comfort of our boats and meet our customers’ demands. Once the “specifications” have been established, we must design “the” cruiser that will meet all our customer requirements: living quarters, sleeping quarters, aesthetic designs, convenient indoor features, etc.


When the design plans are finished, it is time to make the mould plug. Made from wood, the plug is used to create the moulds from which all parts are made. Each mould must have a perfect surface, like a mirror, so that the lamination stage (spraying of polyester fibres) is free from all flaws. Once the two main parts (the hull and deck) have been made, next is the removal-from-mould stage… things are already taking shape! Now, it is time for all the teams to get involved to prepare the boat to leave the boatyard for its chartering base: carpenters to build the partitions and indoor furnishings, welders for the decks, ladders and handrails as well as electricians, mechanics and plumbers for indoor equipment and cabling, etc.


Onboard Nicols boats, everything is provided to bring you high levels of comfort. Most of our models come with spacious, brightly-lit living quarters with a 360 degree view around the boat as well as highly convenient kitchen furnishings with a 200 L fridge and freezer compartment, a hob and toaster oven and sometimes even a microwave (VIP model)!

All units come with a sliding bay door that opens onto the aft terrace where you can dine under the sun. There is also a roof solarium with, in most cases, a cockpit where the captain can also enjoy the sun!

In terms of safety, Nicols has equipped all its boats’ decks with a double railing and handrail for maximum safety and comfort for both adults and children when moving around the boat. All our boats built since 1998 are also equipped with a boarding ladder which is ideal for boarding the boat when you go swimming, whether you meant to or not!

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