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Thank you for everything!

Dominique and Jean Paul GIRARDIER

For information: I obtained my boat license at 72 years old, it wasn’t easy but where there’s a will, there’s a way. We converted the small “sarcophagus” bedroom in the 1000 into a mini storage, mini dressing room, and mini cellar. It’s very practical.

When and how did you develop the desire to acquire a canal boat?

Our desire arose two years ago when we were camping by the Saône River. After seeing numerous boats pass by, we took the plunge and rented one. It was a revelation for us.

What was your plan?

Upon returning from vacation, we searched on LEBONCOIN and visited nearby ports in our region. After several visits to different types of boats, we settled on a NICOLS 1000.

Why did you choose the Nicols brand?

Our desire was to move from the living room to the terrace without stairs because I saw during the rental period Dutch cruisers where the occupants were constantly going up and down to access their terrace. For us, this was a deal-breaker given our age. The look also greatly appealed to us.

Was this your first purchase?

Yes, we started with a 1000 which provided us with satisfaction in terms of use and comfort. Given the success it brought to our family and friends, we decided to move to the “next level” in terms of space and number of bedrooms.

Why did you choose this canal boat?

Considering that we had enjoyed the 1000, we stayed within the range and found that its ease of maneuverability met our criteria.

How was your purchasing experience?

Everything was perfectly orchestrated: the welcome at the Port-sur-Saône site for the first visit, the telephone reception at the Cholet headquarters for administrative procedures during the sale and property transfer, as well as the advice from José Salas Henry, manager of Franche Comté Nautique at the Port-sur-Saône port.

Were you satisfied with the quality of the boat's maintenance?

Flawless, no comparison with the Nicols 1000 I bought from an unreputable professional.

What did you particularly appreciate?

The boat’s maintenance and cleanliness, the advice received throughout the process. True professionalism in every way.

What could we improve to better support our future customers in their purchasing process?

For us, everything was perfect (maybe a Nicols cap…)

Would you recommend Nicols for a purchase?

Absolutely, without hesitation.

What advice would you give to future boaters looking to acquire a liveaboard boat?

To seek out a true professional like Nicols to avoid the troubles we experienced with your first boat and hidden defects.

Nicols boat sold
Nicols boat interior sold
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