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Practical information

Do I need to hold a river licence?

While a licence is not required for chartering boats, as an owner, you will need to obtain a river licence. The test includes both a written section and a practical section. Contact your nearest river cruise school.

How do I insure my boat?

We can put you in contact with our insurers, who will inform you of their best rates. You should assume a basis of around 0.90% of the price of the boat

What administrative formalities need to be completed? 

Our legal department makes the process easy for you by taking care of all the administrative forms: certificate of sale, transfer of ownership, etc.

How much will it cost to moor my boat?

Average rates are somewhere between €500 and €1500 annually, naturally this also depends on the region and the size of your boat.

What taxes do I need to pay?

The only required tax is the navigation tax corresponding to the tax disc which is to be paid to the French navigation authority VNF. Its cost varies according to the boat’s surface area.

Can I try out a Nicols boat before deciding if I want to own one?

Would you like to sample the pleasures of river holidays before deciding to make a purchase? By choosing a Nicols boat, you simultaneously benefit from the services of a boat builder… and charterer! You can take advantage of our national network to try out any of our cruisers. To do so, contact our Reservations Centre which will assist you in organising your river cruise. Complete information on chartering Nicols boats is available from:; contact the reservations centre by phone: +33 (0)2 41 56 46 56, or by email:


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