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Winner of the 2021 Innovation Competition

In 2018, Nicols launched the Sixto Green, the first licence-free houseboat in Europe to be fully powered by electric propulsion.

Following the success of this first boat, Nicols decided to produce a second model of boat with an electric motor in 2022: the Quattro Fly C Green.

Unlike the Sixto Green, the Quattro Fly C Green will come equipped with a generator. Only using batteries has limited the circulation of boats to the Alsatian network, the sole network where fast recharging stations have been deployed.
As a manufacturer and charterer, Nicols must also ensure a boat’s durability as well as its second life. After approximately 15 years of use at its boating bases, Nicols resells its used boats in order to renew its fleet with newer units that meet the changing needs of customers.

The future buyer needs to be able to freely navigate the entirety of the French river network. They need to be able to leave the Alsatian network without having to worry about there not being a recharging station when they need it. Thanks to the generator on board, they will be able to recharge their batteries when needed to reach the nearest port and find a slow charging station.

Nicols created the Quattro Fly C Green with the goal of developing an eco-friendly boat fleet to provide the public with a product that matches their back-to-nature holiday plans.

This innovation led to Nicols Yacht being named the winner of the 2021 Innovation Competition (in the Boating Product category), which was held on 13 March 2021 during the Virtual Nautic trade show


Nicols is proud to have been chosen for this award which recognises its skills, expertise and commitment to making the Nicols fleet green.

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